Meet a slick salesman who just bought their way into the business a few years ago; you know, they smooth talk you into giving them the job, and then they CF Rose Company, has been restoring Marble and Terrazzo Floors for over 15 years. We specialize in marble and terrazzo restoration and maintenance, floor polishing and restoration, concrete polishing, tile and grout cleaning and Mexican tile restoration. With over 15 years of service we will take your floor and transform it into a beautifully restored master piece.

That means the dull, hazy, yellowed old floor that you have in your hotel or house can once again look brand new. We provide a free estimate, a free analysis, and will even give you a free demonstration for you see what the finished floor will look like. Our process naturally cleans and polishes your floor with no waxes, crystallization, coatings or harmful caustic chemicals.

It will feel smooth, be slip resistant, and look nice and shinny. Unbelievable results are what we guarantee. Have you spilled something on your old floor? Then give Paulo Farias a call at 954.913.3339 for a free estimate and find out why CF Rose Company is the most affordable flooring restoration and maintenance Company in the south Florida region.

Whether it’s a Marble and Terrazzo Restoration and maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach polishing and restoring job, we are the most affordable licensed and insured flooring company in south Florida. Paulo Farias is a family owned this company for the last 15 years; you won’t farm their responsibilities out to subs. When you call CF Rose Company, you’re getting over 15 years of hands on experience, and the company owner’s direct cell phone number. We are contractors of terrazzo restoration and marble floor polishing mistakes; all work is guaranteed in writing!!!


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