Third Shift Cleaning

Third Shift Cleaning Services – Marble & Stone Restoration & Maintenance CF Rose Company offers award winning marble and terrazzo restoration and maintenance, marble Polishing and stone restoration services that are known by many to be ‘The Standard’ by which others are judged, over 10 years. We perform third shift cleaning and maintenance services to some of the finest hotels in the South Florida. Our attention to detail and commitment to safety separates us from many others.

CF Rose Company has had a hands-on management style. We want to understand the dynamics of each individual job so we can service your hotel in a way that is best suited to your needs. Being on site and walking the site with you or your management team on a regular basis allows our team the ability to adjust our systems so we can provide you the best result and consequently the best price.

We are not a franchise. CF Rose Company is a family owned and operated company that is arguably the fastest growing third shift cleaning and maintenance of marble floor. Specialist Company to the Luxury Hotel business. We are serious about our maintenance business. Our dedicated management team has allowed CF Rose Company to grow to become a true leader and innovator in our industry. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and “classic look” to stone floors without the artificial look that can be found in hotels of lesser vision and quality.
We would be honored to add your hotel to our list of satisfied jobs. We are confident that when you choose CF Rose Company, you will quickly know that you made the right choice.

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