Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo floors are back in style in a beautiful way. Do you know that you can have a high gloss look on your terrazzo floors, and still get a slip-resistant finish too? You may have noticed that your terrazzo, Marble counter, or floors have glass rings, or perhaps your bathroom floor and walls have etch marks. We can remove those dull spots along with Scratches and stains. That terrazzo floor that is been hiding under of the carpet can be restored than you may think.

Contact CF Rose Company to you has your terrazzo floor restored. It is original stone.
Terrazzo has seen resurgence over the last few years and CF Rose Company has long been an expert at Polishing, repairing and restoring this floor material. Many terrazzo floors have been damaged from being covered with carpet or chipped due to wear and tear. Terrazzo consists of a mixture of small marble pieces in Portland cement, with additional marble chips added to the top to cover 70% of the surface layer. Terrazzo has been used as a flooring material dating back of thousands years. This mosaic mixture of marble and Portland cement can be beautiful when polished and cared for correctly.

Many hotels, commercial buildings and homes have used terrazzo as it is provides a durable surface. Yet the care for terrazzo differs from caring for typical commercial type floors. CF Rose Company uses industrial diamonds to polish the terrazzo and special sealers to prevent Staining in the Portland cement.
CF Rose Company has performed terrazzo restoration at many historical hotels, business buildings and houses.

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