Marble Restoration

Our company will restore and polish the stone surfaces of floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, lobbies, foyers, tabletops, countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and more to it is beautiful original appearance. We restore stones of all kinds, from the hardest of granites to the softest of marbles and terrazzo along with a multitude of other stones.
We will polish, hone and clean your stone, removing stains and etches, while repairing and patching chips and cracks in the surface of the stone.
With costs of stone becoming more competitive, marble is becoming a popular investment for homes, hotels, commercial buildings and furniture pieces. Because your marble is a valuable investment, caring for it is a top priority. Marble can be damaged by daily wear and tear, improper maintenance, Scratches, Staining, Etching or the use of harmful chemicals. Any of these will cause the stone to become dull and lose its luster. However, your stone can be restored to showroom its original beautiful. Our marble polishing and Restoration services enhance your property’s appearance. We use the best products and materials marble polishing to guarantee exquisite results. Our primary concern is always SAFETY. We have a unique process over the years to slow the best floor down, while making it look magnificent.
Our dedicated management team has allowed CF Rose Company to grow to become a true leader and innovator in our South Florida. We pride ourselves on offering the latest technology while not compromising the integrity of the stone.

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