Hotel Service

CF Rose Company cleans “green”. Most hotels prefer to outsource their night cleaning, but want to put their hotel in the confident hands of an experienced third shift cleaning company.
CF Rose Company specializes in cleaning hotels using green cleaning methods to facilitate hotels meeting their goals to conserve and protect our environmental resources. In addition to our commitment to green cleaning, Rose Restoration is committed to high quality. Our 10 plus years serving the hotel coupled with our attention to detail, makes CF Rose Company the ideal choice as your hotel cleaning contractor.

Contact us today, to schedule a walk-through at your hotel. CF Rose Company believes in hands management of every job. Each of our clients benefit from having a kitchen supervisor, a common area supervisor, an account manager, to ensure complete satisfaction. We invite you to check out our list of third shift green cleaning or night green cleaning services and welcome the opportunity to bid your requirements. We will provide you with our best price and our best service.
We at the CF Rose Company want to ensure that your guests feel great about themselves, great about your hotel and great about coming back again. Our management team inspires our associates to take pride in their assigned areas. Each associate is taught to be responsible for their own quality of workmanship in everything.

Our company manager is responsible for safety, “Green” cleaning methods, OSHA requirements, federal requirements, legal status of all employees, background checks, labeling of chemicals, etc. We have designed our exclusive and safe formulas and techniques for Restoration and Maintenance services to include tile and grout cleaners and sealers.
Our Account Manager is responsible for day to day operations including the daily progress report that is sent to hotel management detailing special projects and identifying challenges found while performing out daily. Our Common Area Supervisor is only responsible for public areas and reports to the onsite Account Manager.

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